I am generally weary of the way data is tracked and collected across the Internet and use ad-blockers and security software to block unwanted trackers when browsing the web. Data on visitors to this website is quite valuable to me however - not just for marketing - but simply to see how you found me and how you use this website. As a compromise I've elected to use PIWIK, an open-source alternative to Google Analytics, for user tracking. This has a few advantages:

  • It is self hosted. All user data collected is not shared with anyone else and remains on this server only. I am not tracking you across the web but note repeat visits.
  • I can't guarantee that no-one will ever be able to 'break in' and obtain access to the data collected. 100% security just doesn't exist. I maintain your anonymity, however, by only logging the first two blocks of your IP address - i.e. - making it impossible to trace you, specifically, from that data.
  • I respect 'Do Not Track' preferences of your web-browser. If you turn that setting on in your browser this website doesn't set a tracking cookie of any type. For more information and guides on how to do that see

You can also opt out by using the option below. Doing that will still install a cookie on your computer but simply one that tells this website to not track you or obtain any data relating to your visits.